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How to control acidity?


There would hardly be anyone who hadn't had a tummy trouble in their lifetime. Nobody is immune to stomach problems. Kids suffer from a whole different set of tummy troubles than adults go through, and it's other when you're older.

A gastric problem refers to illnesses of the digestive system's organs, such as the esophagus, intestines, stomach, and rectum. Various functions the digestive system performs include the absorption of nutrients, its dissemination, as well as the removal of harmful waste from the body. A healthy body means a robust digestive system. Bloating, constipation, burping, acidity, or heartburn are a few stomach problems, and acidity is common among all.

GI problems when left undiagnosed may result in complications, leading to gastroenteritis, peptic ulcers, or even stomach cancers in some cases. Certain gastrointestinal troubles can be dealt with by lifestyle changes or natural ayurvedic remedies, but it's better to seek medical attention for chronic and urgent gastric problems.

What causes acidity?

Several factors contribute to acidity. Let's figure out a few of them:

How to control acidity?

One of the simplest ways to tackle acidity is through a few lifestyle modifications.

Diet: Be watchful of what you eat. Steering clear of certain foods like spicy foods, carbonated beverages, fatty food, sour fruits, caffeine, etc. that are known to cause acidity. Choose the kind of foods that soothe and calm your intestines. Go for whole grains, veggies, lean protein, and lots of fresh fruits. Don't skip meals, but avoid late-night meals.

Activity: If you have lately been a couch potato, it's time to get moving. A sedentary lifestyle is a multitasking culprit, which can stir up a lot of health problems. Exercising not only keeps you in good health but also emotionally and mentally active and in high spirits.

Habit: How many times have you gone through the statutory warning saying “smoking kills,” but never paid any attention? Take the cue from your body. Smoking and alcohol trigger and worsen the symptoms. If health is your priority, keep awake from both.

Stress: Stress and anxiety disturb digestive functions. The more disturbed the digestive functioning, the more the secretion of gastric acid, irritating the line of the intestines and causing acidity. Practice calming activities like yoga, meditation, tai-chi, and the like.

Hydration: Water acts as a natural acid neutralizer. It soothes and keeps acidity under check.

Elevate your Bed: At night acidity worsens. Have the head of your bed a few inches raised. It can help control reverse acid flow from the stomach back into your esophagus.

Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbal Remedies

Aloe vera, Ghrit Kumari in Ayurveda, is a wonderful remedy for a variety of health concerns, including gastric problems. The aloe vera gel is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. It helps reduce the effect of stomach acids, heal ulcers, and relieve heartburn.

Tulsi is an active natural therapy for a variety of stomach issues, including acidity. It has potent flatus-relieving properties and can help reduce gas and hyperacidity.

Pippali, also known as Long Pepper, is a time-tried herbal remedy for acidity and GERD.

Supra Gut 70

Supra Gut 70 is an herbal medicine that acts at the primary level to balance pitta, providing overall relief from bloating, gas, acidity, and constipation.

A fast-acting treatment that claims to restore intestinal health in just 70 days.

Supra Gut 70 comes in two formulations: syrup and pills.

Supra Gut 70 syrup is packed with the benefits of herbs like Rohitaki, Kasaundi, Nisodh, Bhoomi Amla, Chitrak, Chav, Macoi, Vach, Indrayan, Kutki, and others.

Supra Gut 70 capsule contains a natural combination of around 15 herbs, including Nirgundi, Ashwagandha, Guggul, Ajmoda, and Bala.

It's a natural way to keep your intestines healthy. It balances the udana, samana, and kledaka kapha doshas.

Draw to a Close

Controlling acidity takes a conscious approach that includes changes in lifestyle, and food habits, checking stress, and the use of herbal remedies or medications. Before you start any medication it's safe to consult a medical practitioner. By including these in your daily routine, you can keep your tummy happy and life happier.