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Supra Gut 70 - An Alleyway to Better Gut Health

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Volume: 250 mL per bottle
Quantity: 3 bottles
Capsules: 140

Supra gut is an ayurvedic remedy that provides relief from bloating, acidity, gas, and constipation. Each bottle of 250 mL and 140 capsules has strong herbal ingredients to boost immunity, strengthen the digestive tract, and promote gut health. The pack contains 3 bottles and 140 capsules for a comprehensive 70-day course.

Supra Gut 70

Benefits of Supra Gut 70

  • Rebuilds the inner linings of the digestive tract
  • Restores the flexibility and smoothness of the GI tract
  • Relief from gas, bloating, acidity, and constipation
  • Improves liver function
  • It completely rejuvenates the digestive tract
  • Effective on chronic stomach problems
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves skin health
  • Restores the proper functioning of gastric juices in the stomach
  • Unclogs the digestive tract of all accumulated waste.

About Supra Gut 70

Supra Gut 70 is a powerful herbal blend that has been shown to benefit the gastrointestinal system.

Supra Gut 70 is a herbal remedy that works on a cellular level to balance pitta and provide relief from bloating, gas, acidity, and constipation.

How Does Supra Gut 70 Work?

Health experts around the world believe that only Ayurveda has the power to cure stomach problems in its entirety.

Supra Gut 70 is created by deciphering ancient Ayurvedic texts. It is processed in cutting-edge laboratories and subjected to world-class testing to determine its efficacy.

Supra Gut 70 is the only treatment that completely overhauls your digestive system. It repairs the most abysmal digestive tracts and restores the intestinal lining.

A quick-acting remedy that claims to restore gut health in 70 days.

How To Use?

Supra Gut 70 Syrup: Take 5 ml of syrup with water in the morning and 5 ml of syrup with water in the evening after the meal.

Supra Gut 70 Capsules: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening.

Customer Reviews

18 Reviews

4.5 Overall rating

15 out of 18 (92%)
Customers recommended this product


  • Sharma Vyas

    Sharma Vyas Verified

    I had chronic stomach issues and was fed up with it. After taking so many medications and not getting any relief, I thought Supra Gut 70 would also be the as those medicines I took earlier. But to my utter surprise, it started giving me benefits just after 15 days of using it.

  • Shweta S

    Shweta S Verified

    Excellent product. I felt the change not only in my stomach problem but also in my skin. It has a healthy glow, which seems to come from my healthy gut.

  • Kamleshwar

    Kamleshwar Verified

    Nice product. It does what it says.

  • Nirav Patel

    Nirav Patel Verified

    Since I had typhoid, I was having sm or other stomach problems. I hesitated taking meds for stomach upsets as they usually hv some bad effects. I tried dis product bcoz it's herbal. I got relief from mild stomach issues that bothered me often. Hope after completing the course, I wld be in a better position to give a full review.

  • Nisha Iyer

    Nisha Iyer Verified

    Great relief from bloating. Thanks!

  • Keshav Sharma

    Keshav Sharma Verified

    My stomach still aches. I took it for 1 month.

  • Amar Vaidya

    Amar Vaidya Verified

    Highly effective. Gas & acidity are not bothering me now.

  • Lata Banerjee

    Lata Banerjee Verified

    My skin has got a glow now. Earlier I used to feel bloating and not feel hungry. Now, I feel hungry and light even after eating. I read somewhere that if you have good gut health, you will have good skin too. That seems true.

  • Iravati Pillai

    Iravati Pillai Verified

    I doubt any herbal product like this would help me. Can it be taken in pregnancy?

  • Suhana Banerjee

    Suhana Banerjee Verified

    I'm taking Supra Gut 70 syrup and the tablet daily. Since I started, my digestion is much better and the feeling of heaviness has gone.

  • Priya Sharma

    Priya Sharma Verified

    Bad product. I used to for 2 weeks, I still have acidity.

  • Sanjit Patel

    Sanjit Patel Verified

    Found this product good. Works well. At least for once give it a try if you have stomach issues.

  • Chandni Verma

    Chandni Verma Verified

    Didn't work as claimed.

  • Subhash Jindal

    Subhash Jindal Verified

    I have chronic constipation. After taking Supra Gut for almost one month, I felt a change in my bowel habits. Felt happy that it's showing effect.

  • Asad Mirza

    Asad Mirza Verified

    Happy tummy... happy skin. Thank you Supra Gut!

  • Devanshi Shah

    Devanshi Shah Verified

    Maybe it works differently for each person. I'm not convinced.

  • Kunal Sinha

    Kunal Sinha Verified

    My bloating is much improved but I still have acidity. Does 70 in the name Supra Gut 70 mean you have to take it for 70 days?

  • Madhavi Sinha

    Madhavi Sinha Verified

    Good product!


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